Student residence

Transformation of the former Evangelische Studentengemeinde der Freie Universität (Protestant Student Community of the FU) in student residence, for the Studentenwerk Berlin.

A co-project with PEB+ Harm Reccius Architekten.


The project of this child care workplace is based on a linear sequence of spaces starting with the accessory areas, exposed to the public and far from interfering with the educational and recreational activities, and ending with the more intimate resting area.

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The project respects the typology of these Apulian rural buildings, both in building techniques and in materials and colours used, in a calibrated balance between technological innovation and tradition continuity, exalting the texture of the original materials and the quality of the redesigned external space.

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Tower house

The typical Apulian medieval tower, surrounded by olive groves in a dry river valley, becomes the hinge of a new residence. The plan grows on the terr­itory, following its ancient paths and the natural slope, in a game of low volumes and gradual elevation changes, re­turning to each element the value of the authentic place.

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Moretti gallery

Venice enters, with its green canal, into the gallery transparent as its glass: inside and outside are subtle concepts and mixed sensations. In a metonymy process, the workshop is the matter being worked, the same essence yet a different substance.

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Casa Furlan(a)

In what was once a degraded building, in the city centre, now grows a precious concrete garden, a welcoming open-air room communicating the meaning of the things of the inhabitants.

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