Exhibition set up

Salviati 2012

The project investigates with new construction rules for new geometries the possible uses of the ‘glass hook’.

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Salviati 2011

A personal interpretation of the artistic glass subject, it is the opportunity of experiment the architectonic possibilities of the Salviati’s ‘glass hook’.

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John Hejduk, the unveiling landscape

Curator. Exhibition in the frame of the yearly Festival dell’Architettura 07/08. John Hejduk, il disvelarsi del paesaggio / John Hejduk, the unveiling landscape, October 18th–November 2nd 2008. Modena, Foro Boario.


The Flex_slide stand builds the movement fluidity: open system allowing for multiple spatial possibilities, thought for travelling adapting itself to the different dimensional and strategical needs of the different fairs.

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Showroom Picconalbicocco

The project goal was the improvement of a historical shop active since almost fifty years. The place was in need of a design showing the space hierarchy, marking the ritual of the visit and supporting the selling of two different products: design articles and furniture.

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Showroom Evers

The set-up of the big Evers container, redeems it from the exterior anonymity of a suburb prefabricated building with figurative synthesis: the space is organised by opaque or transparent walls, by the careful meditated grey and black chromatic scale.

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Showroom Zalf and Désirée

Two different products, two re­quire­ments living in the same stand. The space becomes an exhibition machine where different parts work together as perfect matching gears.

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Moretti gallery

Venice enters, with its green canal, into the gallery transparent as its glass: inside and outside are subtle concepts and mixed sensations. In a metonymy process, the workshop is the matter being worked, the same essence yet a different substance.

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